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Two New Products from Cmed Technology: Timaeus 5 and Timaeus HotSpot

Timaeus provides a single platform for electronic trial design, electronic data capture (EDC), monitoring, medical coding, data management and reporting. Its unique architecture enables research organisations to respond on-demand to study needs to efficiently manage any type of data, for any protocol, anywhere.

Timaeus 5 expands the operational freedom and flexibility available to clinicians and research organisations:

  • Ease-of-use: Improved usability and simplified data access for doctors, nurses and monitors. Expanded autonomy for an improved in-clinic experience.
  • Flexibility: Integration of dynamic forms with Timaeus’ native adaptive trial functionality to enhance support real-world situations like unscheduled visits.
  • Freedom: Expanded choices to locate sites wherever patients are to pick the best way to work: from PCs to tablets like the Apple iPad® to mobile technology.
  • Efficiency: Streamlined interaction between investigators and monitors when performing targetted source data verification (SDV), either on-site or remotely.
  • Insight: Expansion of Timaeus’ built-in reporting to perform true clinical business intelligence capabilities or more easily integrated data across clinical systems.

Timaeus HotSpot: The industry’s first portable eClinical suite

Timaeus HotSpot combines the power of the Timaeus platform with the freedom and flexibility of a WiFi hotspot. It extends an autonomous, “piece” of the Timaeus cloud inside the clinic using a dedicated, secure eClinical “hub”.

Investigators, Nurses and Monitors gain immediate, high-speed uninterrupted access to all needed clinical data and functionality. They also have the freedom to pick the technology that provides them the best experience: from a standard Windows® PC or netbook to an Apple iPad® or Android™ appliance.

Trial management organizations can provision clinics faster (for multiple trials) and without the cost of dedicated high-speed data connections. They can empower clinicians anywhere with full, uninterrupted clinical data and functionality.
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