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Timaeus Web: Sites With Internet and Dedicated Work Space

Timaeus Web provides sponsors, sites and study teams with instant and secure access to Timaeus from any standard browser with an Internet connection.


Freedom to choose from many browsers

Timaeus Web can be used on Windows® Internet Explorer®, Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox® and Apple Safari®. As a result, clinical study teams can use Timaeus from a wide range of workstations, PCs, notebooks, tablets and devices: a standard Windows® PC, an Apple Macintosh® or iPad®, a Linux or UNIX university work station, a mobile Android™ appliance and many other technologies of choice.

No hardware or software installation needed

Adding, integrating or validating new software or hardware is not needed with Timaeus Web. Over 99% of the installed browsers in the world can already use Timaeus Web.

Better global performance

Timaeus’ distributed cloud computing architecture delivers eClinical data and functionality from a wide range of global locations. The end user experience is not only faster but more consistently faster.

Secure and protected

Timaeus Web transmits all information across fully encrypted web sessions accessible only with 21 CFR Part 11-compliant authentication. It stores information within its private cloud infrastructure, assuring a complete chain of custody on all your clinical data.
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